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The Challenge

WoerlyBird is an entertainment company owned by Benji and Mike Woerly. Mike came up with a short story about a group of magical creatures called Soovins. The Soovins shed their lucky ears throughout their lives. These ears bring luck and love to those who keep it with them. Thus, the idea of "Soovin Ears" (a play on the word Souvenirs) was born.

Benji approached us to help bring his character and story to life, so that he could start pitching the concept and character.

The Solution

The branding for Soovin was inspired by the environment it calls home. Bright colors and tropical foliage are paired with the adorable character drawing the viewer in to want to know more. To enhance the versatility of the brand, in addition to the main logo, a wordmark featuring just the Soovin's ears over the O was created. A set of submarks were also designed for use on merchandise.

The pitch deck is laid out similar to a storybook to introduce the Soovins to potential investors. The back half of the pitch features information on revenue streams, success stories and merchandise mockups.

Soovin Children Character Logo
Soovin Children's character
Soovin Secondary logo
Soovin Hat Design
Soovin Branding Submarks
Soovin T-shirt Designs
Soovin Children's Bedding Design
Soovin Secondary logos
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"Nikki and I worked on Branding and a Pitch Deck together. Anything I came up with she made come to life. We would meet every week with updates which kept the flow of work fresh and exciting. Nikki was the perfect fit. I hope we continue to work on more projects together. If you are looking for a professional designer I highly recommend NikNan Designs."

Benji Woerly 

Co-Owner, WoerlyBird & Soovin