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Corporate Wellness program logo

Branding, Marketing Materials, Photo Curation, Presentation Design


Brinker International, Inc.


Restaurant and Hospitality



Marketing Materials

Photo Library Curation

Presentation Design

The Challenge

Brinker International, Inc. is a hospitality company that owns Chili's Grill & Bar and Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant chains. The company approached NikNan Design to rebrand their corporate wellbeing program. The program is inspired by Gallup's Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing and aims to educate and offer resources to support team members enhance their wellbeing.

The Solution

The Be Well program is fueled by encouraging positive habits and good vibes. A friendly script font and smile combine to create the logo for Be Well. The smile element is a signature for this brand. A set of icons were created and a library of stock images was curated to represent each of the five elements of wellbeing. The branding launched in December 2020 with a virtual Wellbeing week event attended by Brinker International team members.

Be Well Logo
Smiling girl with Watermelon and Wellness program branding
Be Well program marketing flyer
Smiling man with Be Well wellness branding subgraphics
Wellness program icons
Physical Wellbeing icon with men running
Career Wellbeing icon with two women working
Financial Wellbeing icon with family saving money
Social Wellbeing icon with friends playing cards
Brinker Wellbeing program brand mark
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