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Cafe branded environmental design

Brinker International Headquarters

Creative Direction, Branded Environment, Art Selection


Brinker International, Inc.


Restaurant and Hospitality


Creative Direction

Branded Environments

Art Selection


Design: Nikki Nandrasy, Sarah Hanna

Lobby Artwork: Brad Vetter

Chalkboard Artist: Melissa Slagle

Photography: Robert Tsai

The Challenge

Brinker International, Inc. is a hospitality company that owns Chili's Grill & Bar and Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant chains. When the Dallas-based company relocated its new headquarters to the Cypress Waters development in Coppell, TX they wanted to assure team members that their fun culture and heritage would be represented in their new home.

The four-story building spanning 214,000 sq ft needed to be an inviting, collaborative and fun environment for it's 500 team members. 

The Solution

Hospitality, collaboration and culture were at the center of every design decision for Brinker's HQ. Bright colors, bold patterns and fun typography were used to enforce Brinker's fun, collaborative culture. Special areas were designated to represent Brinker's charitable partners, including St. Jude Children's Hospital, Make a Wish foundation and the Brinker Family Fund.

Each area has its own feel and personality based on its use. Check out more details below.

Brinker International Lobby

The Eatery

Cafeteria branded environmental design

A Space for Nourishment

The cafeteria at Brinker, nicknamed "The Eatery," is a warm, inviting area featuring a custom cutting board installation, a hand-drawn chalkboard wall by artist Melissa Slagle and string lights for ambiance.

Cutting board wall installation at Brinker International
Chalkboard wall hand drawn
Corporate office design

The Cafes

Corporate office mural
Chili's logo sign installation

A Space to Connect

There are three "Cafes" in Brinker's four-story building. The cafes needed to be none brand-specific and representative of the communal environment. Each Cafe had a large feature wall collage designed to coordinate with that floor's designated color palette. Each collage featured words like "break time," "welcome," "connect" and "enjoy" to reinforce the communal space for relaxation.

Corporate headquarters Cafe design

Conference Rooms

Conference room design
Conference room mural
St. Jude Create-a-Pepper conference room mural
Inspiration corporate office mural installation
Gym branded enviroment wall installation

The Gym

Gym locker room mural

A Space to Unwind

Brinker wanted their Gym to feel completely different from the rest of the office. They wanted team members to be able to disconnect and unwind during workouts rather than feel like it was an extension of their desk. The gym was designed with this in mind. It features BOLD lime green and black to infuse the environment of energy. A custom entry installation was designed with 3Form Varia eco-resin arrows to lead you into the space, evoke movement and speed. 

Yoga branded environment
yoga studio design
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