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FIRE Physical Therapy


Healthcare - Physical Therapy



Marketing Materials

Website Design

The Challenge

FIRE Physical Therapy applies a holistic approach to help patients heal, recover and optimize performance. Dr. Taylor Reyes wanted to have her branding redesigned to feel more warm, welcoming, natural and high-quality.


FIRE Physical Therapy also has a subsidiary brand for a childbirth class, Love Your Labor, that is featured toward the bottom of this page. 

The Solution

The FIRE Physical Therapy logo features an elegant serif font with a hand-drawn flame symbol nested above the I. The flame was an important aspect for Dr. Reyes. It needed to feel organic, clean and provide a good focal point for the branding to center around. The colors and subtle textures chosen are calming, grounding and neutral to appeal to her current and potential patients.

Physical Theapist working with patient next to logo design
Icon and submark branding images for physical therapist
Icon and submark branding images for physical therapist
Business Card design for physical therapist
Referral form design for phyical therapist

Love Your Labor Class

FIRE Physical Therapy offers a virtual childbirth class to empower the mom-to-be and their partner to love their labor experience. The course includes basic need-to-know information for the day of, how to push, how to breathe, how to protect your pelvic floor, and much more. Love Your Labor needed branding that complimented the overarching FIRE Physical Therapy brand.

Love Your Labor submark
Love Your Labor childbirth class icon
Logo design for childbirth class
Dr.Taylor Reyes, Physical therapist, talking about childbirth with a patient

"Nikki delivered more than I even knew I needed or wanted. I am the LEAST creative person that I know and through her questionnaires and willingness to dive deep, she was able to extract the vision I didn’t know I had and bring it to life. I am so thankful I made the decision to work with her! "

Dr. Taylor Reyes 
Owner, FIRE Physical Therapy

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